wholesale-ropa-fashion-kids-niños-bebé-baby-children's clothing- España-Valencia- clothing store

Dyo Ministyling is the culmination of the dream of Amanda, the company’s CEO. There is a very significant phrase that correlates perfectly with our brand: if you want you can, if you can continue and if you continue you get it. And so it was.

Love for children was one of the reasons Dyo’s name was chosen. Diti and Oliver were his first two children and served as a source of inspiration in their daily lives. But also, Dyo means do your own, create your own mini style.

About us

We are a brand very committed to the environment, we work with ecological and sustainable fabrics. Especially with our jersey fabric, totally exclusive fabric from the cradle of European environmentalism.

 wholesale-ropa-fashion-kids-niños-bebé-baby-children's clothing- España-Valencia- clothing store

In fact, we are a sustainable and ecological fashion company. All our designs are manufactured in our workshop located in Valencia without using toxic products.

Our inspiration

Dyo Ministyling is inspired by the Montessori style. Our clothes are made by and for boys and girls. To promote their development, so that they can dress and undress themselves. So that they feel comfortable and that they are forging their style.

With Dyo your child will always be up to date, with timeless and quality clothes that do not go out of fashion. It will not itch or scratch because we adapt them to atopic and sensitive skins.

In addition to helping children develop their skills, we help parents have more time for housework and do not have to wait to dress and undress their children.

The children’s fashion of Dyo

¡We have clothes for both babies and boys and girls! Dresses, shorts, plush/sweatshirt, hats, coleteros... And all made with elastic fabrics to promote the comfort of the garment.


wholesale-ropa-fashion-kids-niños-bebé-baby-children's clothing- España-Valencia- clothing store

¡To go to school, to go for food, for family events and even to play and to sleep! Choose Dyo and dress your child in an elegant and distinguished way.

Contact us

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